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Windy City Arts is a sign studio in an environment of world-renowned Businesses, Architects, and Organizations that have defined and molded us into what we are today. We are constantly evolving, setting the local tone for state-of-the-art custom made signage. Based in Hailey, Idaho our team includes specialists in Project Management, Graphic Design, Production, and Installation.

If you are looking for a sign company to meet your specialty needs, you have found us.

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The Team

Our amazing team is the key to our success

Troy Larsen

Troy Larsen is president and co owner with his wife Linda. He leads the Windy City team and specializes in custom sign design and structure. Troy's passion for people and desire to fulfill their vision and goals drives us forward in every project. When not at the office he can be found racing his team of sled dogs, cycling, slalom water skiing, telemark skiing or somewhere in the outdoors.

Linda Larsen

Having a background in bookkeeping, marketing, administration and human resource, Linda fits perfectly as CFO/Owner of Windy City. She also contributes to doing whatever is needed from taking out the trash, to hands on production work and installing. She loves what she does and working with Troy, her husband, is the highlight of it all! In the summer, you'll find her mountain biking clear out where we hope search and rescue can locate her! She enjoys being on a lake soaking up the sun and water skiing or sailing. In the winter, you'll find her skate skiing, skijoring with dogs, dog sledding or downhill skiing.

Fred Avila

Fred is a Production Technician and Roland Vehicle Wrap Certified specialist. He enjoys all aspects of his job, but most of all he loves to see design come to life! Besides his work life, Fred Moved to Idaho in 2001 and is never looking back. Hiking, Biking, Music and everything that drives him to grow is what makes Fred, Fred. If you have never met a Fred in your life, or have met a Fred, but that Fred left a bad impression, I dare you to meet this Fred. He's truly the most interesting man in the world. ``Stay thirsty, my friends``.

Dorie Adams

Dorie has been invited to come on board and set sail with the crew of the Windy City Arts catamaran, and is an open canvas waiting to paint and be painted upon by the vibrant and uninhibited world of graphic design.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and an athletic background that has lead to an interest and a passion for overall good health and physical activity. This passion in turn has lead to the love and realization that the Wood River Valley is a place in the world she wants to be.

The growth and desire to learn new things and being a better person with each passing year is a personal goal for growth and development in a human being for Dorie. She is currently learning Romanian and Spanish, enjoys reading, cooking, animals, hiking, biking, running, exploring up in the mountains and most everything that the richness of life has to offer. ``Eventis sultorum magister``

Pedro Manuel Miramontes

Being the youngest (and brightest) of six children, Pedro Manuel is quite a catch. A tasteful combination of quirkiness, adventurousness, and motivation, he aims to get the most good juice out of life: you are likely to find him pulling a nutty shot of espresso; viewing cat GIFs on the web; engrossed in a dystopian novel; ascending a mountainous vista; or grooving out to a funky-fresh beat. Handsome as he is sarcastic, this fellow is always ready to make limeade when life gives him limes—because, according to him, lemonade and lemons are overrated.

Julia Larsen

Julia is a Senior at Wood River High School and will be heading to Boise State in the fall. She has an interest in Business Psychology, Neroscience and Spanish. Graphic Design and photography are also passions she enjoys. Julia currently works part time cleaning and doing production. She is a dog sled racer and has achieved many accolades in the sport. She also enjoys basketball, taking pictures, snowmobiling, skiing and playing cards.

Chad Huckaby

Full of life and witty comments, there is never a dull moment with Chad around. Chad has lived in Idaho on and off all of his life, but recently moved back with his family from California. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles and just enjoying life. With his no fear attitude the phrase, ``dying to live`` fits him well.

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The Studio

We designed our studio with focus on great equipment, natural light, and comfort.

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where creativity happens

Fitted with high-powered workstations, our office fosters an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity

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Production Area

With two large cutting/mounting tables, and a 62" laminator we are equipped to take on your projects no matter how large or small.

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Our showroom features several samples of materials and styles that you can see in person, hands-on so you know exactly what you are getting.

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Vehicle Installation Bay

Our full size garage allows us to install graphics on your vehicle quickly, more efficiently, and out of the weather. Meaning you get a better product in a shorter amount of time.

Our Clients

The Windy City Arts team has had the opportunity to work with so many amazing artists and
organizations in the 10+ years we’ve been in business here in beautiful Sun Valley
and we are grateful for each and every one of them.  Below are just a few.



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Napa logo


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Bald Mountain Pizza


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