670 The Lodges, Address Marker
4 years ago

670 The Lodges, Address Marker

Designed by Troy Larsen., Windy City Arts, Inc. Structure has a 4”x10” steel cap, sign face is 19”x24“, numbers are 7” tall, The Lodges 2″ tall, Private 1.25″ tall. 1/4” aluminum numbers and letters in satin coated metallic gold. 3/4” round standoff mounts with 1” of relief from back plate, aluminum medium bronze anodized 1/8” aluminum front plate, black 1/4” steel back plate with studs welded for mounting to post, metal band and cap painted and sealed with black matte enamel.
1.5” round tube metal black bars 4” apart, mounted in timbers on each side.
Sign is set in the ground with post crete with metal collar base for decoration. Light shield with 1” relief, led light strip behind shield shinning, down at 45 degrees to maximize illumination, wiring slot behind post and covered with cap, 66” tall above ground and 18″ set in ground making 84″ total length, timbers with 6”x6” straight grained fir, stained to match building stain.